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Shark Snow Surf Boards Now at Hoff's Bikesmith

Shark Snow Surf boards at Hoff's Bikesmith! Both Goblin and Needle shapes in stock Goblin Sizes 148cm 151cm and 155cm Needle available in 147.


all-arounder shape! Nose to tail, reliability is the description of the 2018 Goblin.  The pointed nose cuts like a knife in front of the large, elongated spoon of this newly improved shape. The waist is located 3 - 4 inches in front of the rider's back foot.  The "wing" feature of the tail adds a little more sidecut to the rail line and is the release point for the channels underneath.  When the lines are large, you'll want to see a Goblin under your feet!



In 2018, the Needle gets another update.  The Fat Needle from last season has become the new Needle Shape.  The large, elongated spoon has plenty of control, plus more float than the narrower version.  This season, the tail has also been widened and the rail line drawn back to give a little more float to the tail.  The waist of the Needle is at the tail for fall-line simplicity