End Of Season Sale! Up to 30% Off All 2022 Bikes!
End Of Season Sale! Up to 30% Off All 2022 Bikes!

Colnago G3-X 54cm tt

$ 4,599.95 $ 3,679.95

There are gravel bikes that are made to appeal to mountain bikers, and then there are gravel bikes with roadies in mind. The Colnago G3x falls more into that second category. Not to say a hard core mountain biker couldn’t find a lot of joy astride a G3x, it’s just that it will feel much more like a second home for a roadie who appreciates an aggressive position and snappy acceleration on smooth tarmac. Looking at the G3x’s geometry gives a lot away in terms of how it is supposed to handle. Aside from a slight increase in reach and wheelbase, this is essentially a road bike geometry. That will be music to the ears of any roadie whose heart has sunk when trying to accelerate on a paved climb when riding one of the slacker gravel bikes on the market. The G3x offers the necessary off road capability but without sacrificing the on-road liveliness.

Something else that will make the G3x feel race ready on the road is the fact that the high quality carbon helps keep the weight low, without sacrificing durability. The special layup used for the carbon frame has been optimized to ensure no excess material must be used, though it will easily withstand the extra forces the disc brakes exert. It is also incredibly stiff for precise handling, while keeping a handy amount of vertical flex to ensure big time comfort even over long rides of mixed surfaces. Recognizing that your gravel bike will likely take more of a beating than a road bike, Colnago has developed a removable bottom bracket rubber cover that will protect your frame from rock or root strikes. But you can remove it and use the bosses for a third water bottle mount if you are more into long distance riding and less inclined to make your way through seriously rough sections of trail. The drivetrain side chainstay also benefits from a protective cover since chain slap can be pretty pronounced over the roughest patches.

Tire clearance is what really sets the G3x apart from some of Colnago’s cyclocross bikes. The fork and rear stay have been designed to accept up to 42mm tires while still being able to clear sticky mud. The through axle disc brakes will be up to the task of braking, even under load, especially since they have been fitted with 160mm rotors. Another nice touch is the integrated seat clamp. Hidden on the top tube, well out of the way of mud spray yet still easily accessible, it is a light, functional and secure system.