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Extracycle Edgerunner E-bike cargobike

$ 5,697.00

You’re a mom? Thank you, because moms pretty much hold civilization together. On two hours sleep. As weeks pass without a moment to yourself. When nobody notices. Whatever. It’s not something you do to impress anyone.

Still. When other moms watch you sail past their idling minivans in the school drop-off line with your kids on the back of a … bike!, and they think: “She’s a badass,” well, that’s something. If you’re gonna impress anyone, it might as well be other moms.

But that’s not why you do it either.

No, we won’t claim the Xtracycle Swoop will miraculously create more hours in your day. (It’s just a better use of hours you do have.)

We won’t say it will make parenting easier. (It makes it more fun, though.)

We won’t say it will save the world all by itself. (But it’s a start, damn it.)

And one day, some years from now, your kids will be having dinner with friends, and someone will ask about their mom, and they’ll say: “My mom? Oh, she’s a freakin’ badass. She’s my hero.”

That’s why you do it. And that’s why we made you the Swoop.