Specializing in custom fabrication, expert repairs, and restoration, Hoff's Bikesmith is far more than just a bike shop.

While we offer all of the bikes, accessories, and rental services you would expect from a bike shop, our real focus is on our craftsmanship. There's nothing we can't fix in our repair shop and all of our custom steel frames and forks are handmade.

What does handmade mean? We only build bikes using hand tools – files, hammers, torches, sandpaper, and hacksaws. Only a few bikes come off our assembly line each year, each one a work of art. 

You can find inventory, trail reports, and shop news here on the site. Questions about custom work, services, or rentals? Come by the shop, call us, or email Tim. We'll get you sorted. 

307-203-0444 | 335 N Glenwood | Jackson Wy 83001


Used Bikes

Sun Crusher

$ 450.00

Brand Hoff's Bikesmith

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The Ultimate Biker's Minivan

I recently sold an Xtracycle Edgerunner 27D Lux http://www.xtracycle.com/edgerunner-27d-lux-family.

This is the ultimate cargo/kiddo carrier. It's perfect for Saturday morning farmer's market runs, people's market pit stops, and Wyoming summer picnics.  Stop in today and get your fam on the move.

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New Site. New Look.

The shop underwent some renovations this winter and with the new look, we are proud to introduce our new website and E-store! 

We've added a blog to keep you posted on deals and events and we will be adding new, used, and custom bikes to our online shop this summer so make sure to check back and scope the new inventory. 

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